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Located an hour and half from Port Elizabeth we only hunt premier well managed game reserves. The Masada game reserve gives our hunters the opportunity to hunt over 75,000 acres which is home to 40 species of non-dangerous game. The Eastern Cape is one of South Africa’s premier hunting regions. A diversity of terrain ranging from huge mountains to Karoo plains are found on the reserve.

The lodge is built on a cliff with amazing views. With Impala sometimes taking cover below your cabin you never know what you might see. We can entertain up to 8 couples and 8 bachelors. Each room has an en-suite bathroom with spectacular views

Don’t forget the food though, amazing food cooked from the meat you hunt. You will enjoy 3 meals a day with multiple cuisines from local and international recipes.

Generally we run hunts between March and October, which are winter months. Clear skies usually prevail with crisp cool mornings and evenings with cold nights. Our reserve is also located in a Malaria and Bilharzia free area. Additionally we are within 40 miles of a drug store and professional medical facilities. If you follow the guidelines on bringing in firearms into South Africa the process is pretty straight forward, for more details go to www.professionalhunters.co.za.

Hunting during the South African Summer can be arranged as well, however we do not recommend this due to heat and limited hunting hours.

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