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The North ranch has been hunted since 1995, and it is situated to the North of Namibia, just South of Etosha National Park (approx. a five hour scenic drive from Windhoek Airport). The ranch covers 36,000 acres and the nearest town to this ranch is Outjo. Clients will be picked up by the professional hunter either at the airport or the hotel, depending on the time of arrival. As the area is very wild, no transporting of clients will commence per road at night to the camp and therefore we recommend you overnight at a hotel should you arrive later than 1400 at Windhoek airport. The camp is a malaria free area, but should you feel to take malaria tablets please do so. We, however, have never taken malaria tablets and neither have our children.

Available Hunts

We are currently booking hunts for 1 or 2 individuals for:

North Namibia - Private Tours Only



per day per hunter

hunt North Namibia group of 2 Max

Trophy fee for each animal shot:

Aardwolf $1,500 African Wild Cat $500 Baboon $500
Caracal $1,500 Cheetah $5,000 Damara Dik-Dik $2,500
Duiker $500 Eland $3,000 Red Hartebeest $1,350
Bat Eared Fox $1,000 Cape fox $1,000 Gemsbuck $1,500
Genet $500 Giraffe $3,500 Brown hyena $1,500
Spotted hyena $3,000 Honey badger $2,500 Impala $800
Black faced impala $2,000 Black back jackal $500 Klipspringer $2,500
Roan $6,000 Sable $5,000 Kudu $1,950
Damara Springbok $800 Steen buck $500 Warthog $800
Waterbuck $3,000 Blue Wildebeest $1,350 Burchell zebra $1,500
Hartman zebra $1,500 Leopard 14 day Safari $25,000

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