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We are two friends that have been hunting together since 2004. We’ve spent lots of money looking for good deals and trying new things out. From hunting in Arizona and the Carolina’s to Tanzania and Namibia.

We decided after a recent trip post COVID that this experience was definitely something others should enjoy.

Now we are trying to pass on our best hunts to others at affordable prices. Many people are intimidated by the thought of hunting in Africa, however we have made it affordable so you can enjoy a once and a lifetime experience at an affordable price.


We have Years of

Halal Hunting

All shots are taken within a 300 or less yard range where it is easily possible to get to the animal in order to do Zabihah. We recommend bringing a sharp knife for Zabihah with your other gear. Also remember, if you don’t hunt something you don’t eat!

Certified Measurer

Grey Ghost Safaris’ team members are certified measurers by Safari Club International. This means your trophies can be measured and entered into the Safari Club International official record books.